Not sure what to wear? Let me help you figure out the perfect outfit(s) for your session! Here is a guide that you can follow.

These are just SUGGESTIONS

This is your session and it is vital that you feel comfortable and dress how you would like but these suggestions will help make your images get that WOW factor.

I hope these tips help you and/or your family figure out what to wear!

- Amber

Try to coordinate neutral colors (Whites, beiges, earthy tones, pastels)

You can play with textures ( overalls, sweaters, lace dresses or shirts)

Try to limit PATTERNS.

These just tend to stick out like a sore thumb. If you do wear a pattern, limit it to 1 person per party wearing a pattern so it doesn’t clash with another pattern.

I recommend gentle patterns. A dress or shirt that has 2 colors, not 20.

Think about what you want your photos to look like- boho, formal, relaxed, bright, rustic, playful

Coordinate colors but don’t match- stick with a 2-3 color palette (blues, neutrals, pastels)

You can not go wrong with NEUTRAL TONES- I suggest beige, light grays, earthy.

SHOES AND NAILS MATTER (it can totally throw your look off- small details matter)


Try and keep it natural. Using highlighter makes your face look like sweat through the camera and spray tans come out extremely orange. foundation is fine

Things that just don’t work out:

  1. Neon/ bright colors
  2. Wrinkly clothes
  3. Non-fitting clothes
  4. Don’t come HUNGRY, Lol.
  5. No big logos
  6. Glitter